The Last Pair of Slippers You'll Ever Need

Have you gone through many slippers over the years, running them into the ground in what seems like a couple months. Slippers feel amazing and you know you love them, but they just aren't worth it, right?

Your first pair of Cowichan Knit Slippers will tell you otherwise. Hand knit to perfection with techniques hundreds of years old, not only are they the most comfortable slipper in the world, but durable as well. On average, our slippers last for over 5 years of heavy use and we guarantee you won't find anything else out there this durable (Except moccasins!) 

Your life will be so much better because when you wake up on a freezing cold Monday morning, your Cowichan slippers will be there for you. Go ahead, wrap them over you ice-cold tootsies and feel a blanket of warmth envelop you while sitting beside a hot-crackling fireplace. Things can't get much better. Several years later, they will still be there for you.

What are you waiting for - enjoy owning a pair of slippers again!



These are hand made and may take up to 14 days to ship.

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Cowichan Slippers

KJ on 2016 Dec 25th

The slippers were a gift for my daughter and arrived just in time for Christmas. Everything i expected and more. Ordering another pair immediately !!