Sweater & Pullover Sizing

Measurements must be collected in four ways to create the perfect custom Cowichan sweater. Record these measurments and include them with your order notes.

  • (A) Chest circumference
    Measure all the way around the wearers chest or bust area. We recommend adding 4-6 inches to your measurement to allow for some comfort. Important: Please note whether you have added measurements or not in your order. This is critical.

  • (B) Arm Length
    Measure from the top of the wearers shoulder to where the wrist meets the hand or as long as the wearer wants it (make sure to measure with arms stretched straight out from the neck for accurate measurements).

  • (C) Body Length
    Measure all the way from where the wearers neck meets their shoulders to the length desired on the waist/hip area (or as long as you want your custom sweater).

  • (D) Armpit to Inner Wrist
    Measure from the wearers armpit to the inner wrist.

  • (E) Waist circumference (XL & Above)
    If you are ordering XL & above please measure the circumference of your waist.

*Now that you have all the sizes recorded, here are the chest sizes you can choose from to place your custom order.

We recommend to order your coat size, not your chest size.

Small - (38 - 40)
Medium - (42-46)
Large - (48-52)
XL - (54-56)



Toque, Helmet & Hat Sizing

Measurements for Cowichan Hats are very simple and as you would expect. The purpose is to place you as a regular adult or a plus size.

Regular Adult: Diameter of head 18-23 inches
Plus Size Adult: Diameter of head 24-30 inches