The Ultimate Knitted Scarf

As you step outside and lock the door you know you're forgetting something, but not sure what. It then dawns upon you; you forgot your beautiful Cowichan Scarf in the foyer.
As you re-enter and wrap the scarf around your already chilled neck, you slip into a warm, happy place, and continue en-route to the arena. Who is playing? None other than the Montreal Canadiens.


What better way to acknowledge Canada than a hand crafted Cowichan Scarf, whether in the depths of winter, or cheering on your favourite team, in an open-air arena.

A fashion statement, a means to keep warm, or even a way of life. Cowichan Knit Apparel is quickly becoming a symbol of what it means to be Canadian, a true historic symbol.

Our scarves are hand made of 100% raw sheeps wool, crafted by true Cowichan Knitters, with countless years of experience. With proper care, 
your purchase will last you a life time. Browse through the available styles and choose your scarf.

You'll forget what it feels like to be cold.

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Cowichan Scarf

I gave this as a Christmas gift and the recipient was very happy with the scarf. I have bought items previously and have always been very satisfied with the products and service.