The Sweater That Started it All (Pullover Edition)

Out of the dozens of items that we sell, the Original Cowichan Sweater has always been the most popular. You probably didn't land here by chance. You either know exactly what a Cowichan Sweater is, or know someone who does. Unfortunately, pictures and description do not do this sweater justice. It is something you have to own to truly understand, but here we do our best to put it into words. A Cowichan Sweater makes any other knit wool sweater feel like, well, a shirt.

These sweaters are hand knit from thick, undyed sheep's wool, and can take over 20 hours to complete. The wool used is double the thickness of any other wool used to knit, and the sweater is knit into a single piece, not patched toghether. The end result is a heavy, durable sweater that provides more protection from the elements than a jacket, yet is more comfortable. The only colours are that of real, undyed sheep's wool. Black, white or grey. The design features a traditional animal of you or the artist's choosing.

All-Season, Year-Round

Your sweater can be used in mostly all weather, from out on the boat in the Summer, walking downtown on a mild Spring day to hiking out in the wilderness in the middle of winter. Due to it's bulky wool construction, the sweater regulates your temperature, resulting in never-too-hot never-too-cold. This makes it unlike any other jacket or sweater out there.

Cowichan Lifestyle

From the first day you put on your sweater, you're part of a club. You nod your head to passer-bys wearing one, and you are asked where you obtained it from others. All you know, is that you are more comfortable than ever, and your sweater will serve you for the rest of your life.

To Sum It All Up...

  • Hand Made: Your sweater is hand made by local Cowichan indiginous members, the old fashioned way. No factories here.
  • 100% Wool: It's made of raw, undyed sheep's wool. This means the colour never fades or runs and the material breaths so you are always comfortable.
  • Weather Resistant: Fear not rain, snow or wind. The wool is waterproof and windproof. 
  • Temperature Regulating: Feel warm in below-zero weather, yet comfortable on a mild summer day. The nature of bulky wool is it keeps just the right temperature, year round.
  • Supporting Indiginous Families: Each sweater you buy directly benefits a first-nations family. It is hard work, a labour of love, and a dying art.
  • Face of Native Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% happy with your sweater, we'll gladly take it back within 30 days.

Order Notes

  • These are hand made each order. Please allow approx 2-3 weeks to ship.
  • Please provide your measurements in the order form. Refer to our sizing chart for a visual diagram.
  • If it is a gift and you don't know the recipients measurements, we will work with you to find the right fit while keeping your gift a surprise!
  • Contact Us if you have any questions regarding your order.
  • We will be in contact with you to make sure the order comes out perfectly.
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Cowichan Pullover

Mike Hearst on 2018 Mar 4th

Beautiful sweater. Have worn it several times on walks since it arrived. Excellent attention to detail - thank you so much Mabel. I'll be ordering the zip up next.

Pullover Sweather for Christmas

wanalda Parsons on 2016 Dec 30th

We are very pleased with the ordering and delivery of the sweater.. It is beautiful and so warm Already we have received compliments on the sweater. Thanks to facebook we became aware of these sweaters. Well worth the investment