The Hottest Accessory of the Season

Step into the cool and rainy season in these incredibly cozy Cowichan Native Leg Warmers. Hand-made of world renouned Cowichan Wool, our very experienced local knitters have taken time and care to create them. 
These leg warmers are extremely warm, comfortable and made to last a lifetime. They go great with leggings, boots and even jeans.. female or male, and are also available in many different styles and colours.
Pull these up and watch as everyone admires and wonders where you got them from; But don't tell - it's a well-kept valley secret. 

Here are a few reasons you need to get into a pair..

  • Hand-Made: Crafted in the Cowichan Valley by local knitters - arguably a dying art.
  • Made of 100% Sheep Wool: Thick, long lasting and very warm.
  • Unique Style: Be the envy on your block with these badboys.
  • Goes Great With: Leggings, boots, jeans and more.
  • Huge Selection: Available in many different styles and colours!


These are hand made and may take up to 14 days to ship.

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Leg Warmers

Joe on 2016 Dec 28th

I bought the leg warmers as Christmas gifts. The quality of the material and artwork is wonderful, and I'm sure they will be worn with joy. My only disappointment is in order fulfillment. I ordered the leg warmers on Dec 3rd, but they didn't arrive until Dec. 27; after Christmas. While I appreciate the time it takes to handcraft these works of art, I would have appreciated the website informing the purchaser of the projected lead time to deliver before Christmas. It turns out you had a chance to Express ship to me for additional cost, but you chose not to inform me of that option during the transit process from Canada to US carriers. Had I been given the option, I would have gladly paid the extra freight for Express. I mean 25 days from purchase-to-delivery is quite a long time when doing eCommerce online. Again, great product; order processing and fulfillment needs improvement - I would have given 5 stars. Peace.

Leg warmers

Bill on 2016 Dec 24th

Your products are truly works of art. Absolutely beautiful!!! I can't say anything negative. I bought a set of leg warmers for my sister for Christmas and you went above and beyond what I expected. Stunning!!!! Thank you!

bear pattern leg warmers review

Denise on 2016 Dec 8th

I am just soooooooooo delighted with my leg warmers... they fit lovely... they are soooooooooo beautiful...... and REALLY REALLY warm.... I walk a lot with my dogs and work a lot with my ponies and livestock outside... and with the arrival of cold northern Ontario temperatures I am really appreciating the warmth... they arrived very quickly and I intend to save up for other items that you make.... I LOVED that it came with a card stating who made them.... that makes them all the more special. Thank Mabel Antoine for me.... I know I may have purchased them..... but I am grateful for her craftsmanship

Leg warmers

Marina Hok on 2016 Nov 4th

I love them! They're warm and beautiful. Really happy with my purchase, thank you!

Wonderful weaves!

Dustin on 2015 Dec 22nd

I was very happy to purchase these for my mother, she loves them

So warm and cozy

Ceridwyn on 2015 Jul 26th

these legwarmers are amazing! they are very warm and comfortable, and I can't wait to wear them in the cold winter months. I have large calves genetically and from dance, so they are a little tight but they are already stretching out just a bit!

love them

teresa on 2014 Dec 16th

I absolutely love my leg warmers. The quality is amazing and beautiful. And so so very warm!! Thx so much.

Beatuifully Done!

Shar on 2014 Dec 16th

I absolutely loved my leggings, you can tell they were made with care and precision. Loved how I was able to completely customize them to my liking. Though, I unfortunately have massive calves, so they were too tight for me :( I ended up selling to a family member who will forever enjoy them.