A Touch of Cowichan

Show off some serious flair with a Cowichan Headband. These headbands are made of 100%  undyed sheep wool, and knitted by true masters of the craft - an art that many imitate but few are actually authentic, or even close.

Stylish and comfy we believe you can't really get a better headband than this. Our headbands will be sure to compliment your outfit.


These are hand made and may take up to 14 days to ship.

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Cowichan Headband review

Brenda Mishak on 2017 Jan 15th

The headband is knit with excellent tension and attention to pattern detail. The quality of the wool is remarkable. The headband is very warm when it is very cold, yet not too warm to wear when actively working outside on warmer days. A sign of great craftsmanship and pride in ones work is very evident.