No More Frostbite

Imagine going for a stroll in rural Ontario in the middle of December. The temperature: You don't know. But you do know one thing; Those 'new age' big-box store gloves aren't cutting it anymore. The frostbite sets in. 
When arriving home you notice you have mail: A gorgeous pair of Authentic Cowichan Wool Fingerless Gloves.

These mittens are made of premium Cowichan sheep wool and spun toghether by the finest knitters around. The wool is soft, thick, very warm and extremely durable. Unlike modern-day clothing and accessories, Cowichan Knit is made to last - a lifetime. Available in a variety of styles, Cowichan Mittens are sure to impress.

Gone are the days of frostbitten hands - these mitts will protect your digits from just about any temperature, and go well with just about any style of clothing. Order yours today and do your hands a favor. 

You walk down the street in -15 Celcius and appreciate that...

  • Unique pattern and colour scheme only available hand made in Cowichan
  • Ridiculously warm and soft
  • Knit to last a lifetime
  • Available in various sizes for a perfect fit
  • Finger-Free design allows for greater dexterity
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