Cowichan Knit Apparel, an Experience to Last a Lifetime

Imagine, you're walking through the rainforest of MacMillan Provincial Park on a brisk, cool morning. 

The smell of Douglas Firs, Cedar Trees and the damp, wet earth from the recent rains tickle your nose... 

The sound of an Elk cry in the distance and the slow trickle of the stream soothe your ears. Even though it 

is cold, you feel comfort and warmth. As you look down you see an elegant, durable, warm Cowichan knit sweater 

that hugs itself around your body perfectly, and upon your hands, a pair of Cowichan mittens that secure your fingers

with warmth. You bring your hands to your head and feel the soft, knit wool of a Cowichan toque that sends warm tingles

throughout your entire body. Within that moment, everything is perfect... Face of Native, exquisitely hand-knit apparel 

and art.