We are an indiginous company in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada; right in the heart of the Cowichan Valley. Here you can shop for internationally acclaimed Cowichan Knit Apparel.

Quality, hand-made goods & coast salish art should be avaiable and easy to shop anywhere in the world, and mass-produced imitations that run rampant are unacceptable - it dilutes the essence of something truly remarkable. These are words we live by.

Supporting Indigious Artists & Families

All products sold directly benefit local Coast Salish artists and families. Our knitters are paid higher than any other 'reseller' traditionally pays, which we do not consider ourselves. We just do the marketing for the artists; the Face of Native. Our knitters do what they do best - create long lasting, spectacular pieces. We believe that local businesses should benefit their community, and this is just the first step.

As we continue to expand, further resources will be reinvested in our community.

Meet Our Knitters


Mabel Antoine

Mabel Antoine is a 65 year old Cowichan born and raised First Nation woman. She has 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Mabel prides herself on her family, and culture; always making time for both.

Mabel has now been knitting for over 50 years; since 1965. She started knitting at the age of 13, when she became a young lady. Mabel learnt how to knit from her Mother.

Her proudest moments of knitting was knitting for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics in which she had knitted some sweaters for the event.



Mary Antoine

Mary Antoine is a 59 year old Cowichan First Nation woman. She has 1 son, and 1 grand-daughter. Mary has always been a family oriented woman who is always involved in family events.

As Mary grew up she always remembers watching her mother and sisters knitting from a very young age and grew to learn how to knit in her early 20’s, after giving birth to her son; giving her about 37 years of knitting experience.


Thank You

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. It gives us great pleasure in knowing that we are passing on such great work and values to you. We invite you to browse our web page, check out our products, and by all means, feel free you ask us a question.

- The Face of Native Team